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Morocco is a tourist attraction  for many reasons: a rich history, diverse culture, stunning sight seeing, peaceful society welcoming tourists, cheap services designed for tourists and being at the centre of the world and soft warm weather; briefly, Morocco is a country of Sights, Sounds, Scents and Experiences.



Morocco Expedition

Our Trips are designed to unveil the deeply-rooted beauty of Morocco. They range from visiting the Moroccan imperial cities, trekking, visiting the Spaniard style northern cities, enjoy the charm of beaches, cherish the glamour of the Moroccan desert or traveling into history within Imperial Cities. We  offer exclusive services and prices. We're bound to trips and excursions that are responsible at all levels and that offer flexibility, versatility and community.

Your Expeditions

With Morocco Expedition  you can create your customized trips that respond to your interests, desires and preferences. It's up to you to chose the destination you prefer: visits to the UNISCO recognized cities, Atlas trekking  & meeting the indigenous, visits to the blue-white washed Mediterranean cities, or trips  in camel caravan in the gorgeous desert. We can arrange it: It will be safe, friendly & authentic, on your own timetable & at your pace.

Explore Morocco with Morocco Expedition

Morocco; the country of magical Sounds, fascinating Sights, dazzling Scents and immortal Sovenirs...


Magical Sights, Scents , Sounds & Souvenirs

Monuments and Sight-Seeing :

      In Morocco Monuments and Panoramic Views melt in each other forming stunning images and gorgeous contrasts that can’t found elsewhere. Morocco Expedition’s major priority is to show these hidden magical Mystical treasures, leading you through a labyrinthine travel into history and beauty and offer you; thanks to its qualified dedicated team, Flexibility, Versatility and Community.


Memorable Souvenirs:

        Morocco Expedition’s travels are tailor made and private. They take you to beautiful natural panoramic views and offer you a distinguished contact with the Indigenous who are still preserving their deeply-rooted lifestyle: you will be overwhelmed by the joy of tasting their sense of Hospitality and feel their Warmth. Morocco Expedition will trace your itinerary throughout the Atlas and Rif tribes according to pace and timetable, to offer you an ever-lasting taste of a Responsible Travel.

 Students Joy in Morocco:


         Morocco Expedition is your reliable resource to accompany students groups from: Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Ukraine and Finland. We offer them a variety of excursions and travels ranging from trekking, cultural tours, imperial cities circuit. Morocco Expedition provides them with a distinguished travel experience that can help them dive into another way of life that changes their perspective and understanding to the world. Please feel free to contact us to study your project and design with you the most adequate tour for your students. Our tours are safe, friendly and authentic.

 Family Travel Experience:

        Your family is very valuable for you and you want to offer its members and unforgettable vacation far from the ennui of modern life, Morocco Expedition is ready to offer you an outstanding travel experience in which you & your family members encounter local communities and cherish the beauty of landscapes. You’ll be hosted in families houses in which you’ll share with the host family its different activities and taste their local delicious healthy gastronomy and amazing atmosphere, in camps where our well-experienced dedicated team can start instructive activities for YOU, or in authentic riads. Morocco Expedition’s essential priority is to offer you an authentic safe responsible versatile enjoyable travel experience. Let your family discover a new way of life in the country of marvelous sounds, sights and mysteries.

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About Our Standard Tours

Private tours are those taken by one or more passengers who are all in the same party, which is usually composed of friends or family. These tours depart on the date of your choice, subject to schedules and availability. Morocco Expedition is specialized in private tours tailored to the interests of our clients.



Imperial Cities Package

Discover the grandeur of Moroccan History whose monuments are still standing displaying a genuine architecture and unique style
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Morocco Expedition

  • Merzouga
    Your trip will be ideal in Merzouga and one of the most spectacular experiences that can make your soul relax is watching the sun rise or set over the huge sand dunes. A great way to enjoy the warmth of the desert is by a camel trip for a couple of hours. An overnight excursion over the dunes is splendid:stars & sand dunes

Trekking Package

Dive into the beauty of Moroccan sight-seeing and cherish the fascinating dazzling contrasts along with a deeply-rooted lifestyle

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Our Transportation

Morocco Expedition puts at your service comfortable transportation means to travel within Moroccan Territory with much comfort & ease

Our Accommodations

Morocco Expedition has a wide variety of Accommodations ranging from 4 star hotels, Moroccan Riads and Guests Houses where Comfort & tasting the Moroccan way of life are our keywords

Explore Morocco with Morocco Expedition

Morocco; the country of magical Sounds, fascinating Sights, dazzling Scents and immortal Sovenirs...

Our Experience

Morocco Expedition is ready to help you design & customize your trip

Places to Visit with M.E

Thanks to our Experience in organizing trips either for individuals or groups... we are able to take you to dazzling places, cities and villages

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We’re a group of   professional National Tourist Guides...